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Cabin Air Filter Replacement for Tesla Model S

Cabin Air Filter Replacement for Tesla Model S

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Keep your car smelling fresh and the air quality great with our Cabin Air Filter.  Telsa has done a lot of research in building its HEPA air filtration system.  Keep smoke, pollen, dust and other unwanted airborne contaminants out of your car's interior for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Tesla recommends changing your air filter once every two to three years.  Check out our quick summary of Tesla maintenance list.


  • smoke
  • pollen
  • smog / pollution and much more…

Fits Tesla 2016-2020 Model S vehicles.

Product Information:
Available model: Tesla mode1 S
Appearance size: 244*156*30mm
Type: air conditioning filter
Material :ABS

Packing list:
Car Air conditioning Filter *1

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