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Ghost Shadow Door Lights for Models S, 3, X & Y (2 pcs)

Ghost Shadow Door Lights for Models S, 3, X & Y (2 pcs)

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Two piece ghost shadow light set projects the Tesla logo on the ground when the door is opened.

  • Compatible with Tesla Models S, 3, X & Y
  • Easy to install – No drilling, no wiring, no wire cutting. Installation only takes about 5 minutes.
  • Bright – High brightness LED chip, high definition, & low power consumption.

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Not only do these lights help protect you by lighting the way when you step into and out of your Tesla at night, they look fantastic and make a statement.

Tesla door light installation instructions

  • Gently remove existing door light with a flat head screwdriver by inserting into the slot on one side of the light.
  • Wedge it out to expose the connecting wire underneath.
  • Remove the wire by pressing on the clip where it attaches to the light.
  • Plug the new Tesla light in until the clip clicks in place.
  • Gently insert the light module back into the bottom of the door frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the Telsa ghost lights easy to install?

Answer:Yes.  These are very easy, require almost no tools and are quick to swap out.  All you need is a flat head screwdriver.

Question: Why are they also called puddle lights?

Answer:These light up the ground directly below the door when it is opened so that you can see before stepping into the Tesla.  You can avoid any obstacles such as puddles.

Question: What Tesla models do the ghost lights fit?

Answer: Our lights can replace the factory installed lights on Telsa S, 3, X and Y models.

Question: What color are the lights?

Answer: They display the Telsa logo in white.

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