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Leather Armrest Support Pad For Tesla Model 3 & Y

Leather Armrest Support Pad For Tesla Model 3 & Y

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Make driving your Tesla a more comfortable experience with  our cushioned arm rest support.  Reduces fatigue on the driver’s arm and wrist.  The storage area has space for keys, coins, cellphone etc.

  • Extra Storage – Keep keys, coins, cellphone and more in easy reach.
  • Looks great – Seamlessly blends in with your car’s interior.
  • Comfortable Driving – Supports the driver’s arm.
  • Protects – Prevents wear and tear on the console.

How to install leather armrest support pad

  • Adjust both front seats until they are in their full back position.
  • The back of the armrest support pad is slightly wider than the front.
  • Open the velcro straps on the armrest pad.
  • Open the center console and wrap the armrest pad over it starting at the back and working toward the front.
  • Adjust it so that if fits correctly.
  • Close the center console and check alignment.
  • When everything looks good, open the center console and reconnect the velcro straps.

Product information:

Material: Leather
Style: fashion and simplicity
Features: Modified interior
Color: Normal, side pockets
Size: length, width and height: 35*20*3cm (applicable to Models 3 & Y)

Packing list:

Armrest cover*1


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